Wednesday, October 15, 2008

José Vaca is detained preventively accused of blowing up a gas duct on September 10 2008

SEDITION • José Vaca was detained preventively by the commission of illicit as explosion of gas duct which it takes this natural resource to the interior of the Republic of Bolivia and Brazil and Argentina.


Violence. José Vaca was detained preventively by Sedition and damages to State goods because he would blow up a gas duct in Tarija, Bolivia . Photo © The Achacachi Post™

ACHACACHI, Bolivia.- Jose Vaca was lock up in the public jail of San Pedro of the city of La Paz, while the supposed criminal facts are investigated.

The detainee said that he is a temporary worker (six months) and he was promised an indefinite contract of work and that was the reason he made such a fact.

He also said that the dynamite was armed by three people-fugitive in this moment-which came from Santa Cruz of the Sierra city. He attest before the Judge Fifth in the Penal Williams Davila saying that the dynamite had a wick five meters long so that there is time to escape and this way not to be in danger with the detonation.

Once again, the poor ones are used by others. While the real responsible ones are saying and declaring to press that he was detained without judge detention commandment that he was detained harming his fundamental rights that he must enjoy the due processed of law in the jurisdiction of Tarija where the facts happened, etc. The Prosecutor fulfilled all the legal measures to detain a person as he showed to the judge.

José Vaca once detainee in the penitentiary of San Pedro he refused to speak with the press. Already in the tribunal he was noticed completely concerned, depressed. In the jail his preventive detention will complete in the called section “the post” where also is restrained Leopoldo Fernández the former prefect of the department of Pando.

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