Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bolivian Supreme Court ordered the arrest of Manfred Reyes Villa

FUGITIVES • Bolivian Supreme Court attended to the Prosecutor to arrested and taken to courts to Manfred Reyes Villa.


Manfred Reyes Villa. One of the most wanted fugitives of Bolivian law. It seems to be living on Collins Av. Miami, USA after running away through Pando, Bolivia.
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ACHACACHI, Bolivia.-

Bolivian Supreme Court ordered the arrest of Manfred Reyes Villa because he did not go as a witness in the trial of responsibility for the deaths of September and October 2003.

Although Reyes Villa sent a memorandum indicating current address (Collins Avenue Miami) in the U.S. and confirming his right to not testify because he has a relationship with the accused, Erick Reyes Villa, his brother.

The Supreme Court attended to the Prosecution, so that Reyes Villa will be arrested and taken to courts if he is in Bolivian territory.

Source: Sucre/CORREO DEL SUR

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Anonymous said...

This fugitive is living in Virginia like a king. He makes fun of how stupid people is in Bolivia and how smart he is. He is a lier, thieve and he has a lot of money which he took from the Bolivian people. This politician is corrupted and he stole money like crazy from Cochabamba.

Anonymous said...

He still owns the house in tiquipalla but he changer the deed to somebody else to hide the property from the government. His wife Patricia Reyes villa is a fugitive and she stole money from the government along with her husband, They deserver to be in jail. The USA is blind given them political asylum. They must be returned to Bolivia to be trial. His brother is another thieve which gave his properties to his wife and daughters to hide them. Take all his properties and pay the poor people of Bolivia.

Anonymous said...

What a fake blog is this. Full of bull shit. Manfred Reyes Villa is loved for all the Bolivian community in USA and for the people around Bolivia. He is the only hope to reconstruct Bolivia after the actual destruction, corruption and narcotraffic. The Bolivian government is afraid of Manfred that's why they are criminalizing him, but everybody knows that It is not thru. Manfred will be Bolivian President.

Anonymous said...

Manfred Reyes-Villa has been acused of hundreds of crimes by the Morales Goverment. Of these none can be proved. In Bolivia there is no Law what ever the DictatorMorales says goes. Manfred has offered varieous times to be tried in a court of law in the United States but Morales Refueses as he knows Reyes-Villa has done nothing. Morales is scared of Reyes-Villa since he is the only one that in a Real election would crush Morales.

Anonymous said...

You want to talk corruption? start by Morales his entire carrer he has been a drug lord, he started off by controling Chapare and all the Cocaine that comes out of that region. Now Bolivia can supply about 90% of the world cocaine demand. Crime in Bolivia has risen like never before. A man who lived in the streets and was a farmer is now a multi Millionaire owns his own airline, bought two private jets that were over priced and a satillite over 300 million Dollars which ended up being 100 million dollars over priced and was never succesfully launched? Where do you all think that money went? He now owns toyota and made a law which you can only buy a vehicle through his dealera and can not import. He purchases hundreds of vehicles for the goverment with no solicitation. He has multimillion dollar deals with iran providing them with esential material for creating nuclear wepons, he is a dictator!

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