Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Mayor of Sucre defends his nomination and challenges President Evo Morales

CHALLENGE • The mayor of Sucre, José Santos Romero, challenged President Evo Morales to meet with social organizations in his city of Sucre to know why the former mayor Berrios was deposed.


New Mayor of Sucre city José Santos Romero. Photo © LA RAZON

SUCRE, Bolivia .— Santos Romero admitted that his action involves a "disobedience" to the leader of his party, President Evo Morales, who said that Mayor Berrios could not be deposed .

The new Sucre’s mayor Santos Romero said:

"If our president wants to take a new path he must come and talk to all social organizations of this city of Sucre."
Evo Morales questioned the legality of the appointment of Santos Romero. The Bolivian president recalled that two weeks ago suggested to his fellows in Sucre that the mayor must not be changed on the grounds of nepotism.

Santos Romero, supported by the resolution 03/11, took mayor office at noon on Tuesday, before the dismissal of former mayor Berrios, who in June 2010 replaced in office of the mayor the elected Jaime Barron, who now is charged in a court case.

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