Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Luis Alberto Valle was detained and Peru announces his expulsion

EXPULSION • Alan Garcia's government adopted a resolution requesting the courts the expulsion of former Governor of La Paz. He would be handed over in Desaguadero town.


The former authority enters at the San Pedro prison in February 2007. Photo © LA RAZON™

LIMA, Peru . — The information was provided by the bolivian Minister for Transparency and Combating Corruption, Nardi Suxo, who explained that the details of the judicial and administrative situation were provided by the Peruvian ambassador to Bolivia, Manuel Rodriguez Cuadros.

Ministries of Government and Justice of Peru signed a resolution in which "requested the simply expulsion of Luis Alberto Valle," said the minister to the TV show program QNMP of UNO Network.

A press release of the peruvian Judiciary reported that Judge Maria Teresa Cabrera Vega ordered the provisional detention of former bolivian prefect.

The former prefect of La Paz (1997-1999) was arrested early Friday on a street in Lima, near the U.S. Embassy. The International Police (Interpol) captured Luis Alberto Chito Valle pursued by the Bolivian justice, accused of acts of corruption that accounted for economic damage to the state of 17 million dollars. Luis Alberto Chito Valle is son-in-law of died bolivian dictator Hugo Banzer Suarez.

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