Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Luis Alberto “Chito” Valle Ureña was expelled from Peru; he is now in jail in San Pedro, La Paz, Bolivia

CORRUPTION • Three years and six months after his escape the former prefect of La Paz, Luis Alberto "Chito" Valle Ureña returned to the prison in San Pedro after being expelled from Peru. Valle arrived to La Paz around 0310 in a plane that brought him from Lima. He was handcuffed, with bullet-proof vest and visibly dejected.


CLICK TO ENLARGE Luis Alberto “Chito” Valle Ureña . Going down the stairs, almost fell. He was held by his guards. Photo © LA PRENSA™

LA PAZ, Bolivia . — Today at the airport in El Alto, in 0310, a Bolivian Air Force (FAB) plane brought Luis Alberto “Chito” Valle Ureña from Lima.

The fugitive is accused of embezzling more than $ 17.7 million during his passage by the Prefecture of La Paz, between August 1997 and May 2000.

The reception was directed by police, Reynaldo Iturri, the justice minister, Nilda Cupa, and the deputy anti-corruption, Gabriela Veizaga, Government Secretary, Sacha Llorenti, and La Paz’s Governor Cesar Cocarico.

Luis_Alberto_Chito_Valle_bolivia_Wanted_fugitive Photo © THE ACHACACHI POST™

Just landed the plane, a physician entered the cabin to auscultate the detainee. At 03.17, appeared Luis Alberto “Chito” Valle Ureña, handcuffed, with a bulletproof vest. Going down the stairs, almost fell. He was held by his guards.

Last Thursday, the Peruvian government decided to expel Valley for illegally entering to Peruvian territory, after having refused to give a political asylum.

Source: LA PRENSA®

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