Monday, July 09, 2007

The city capital does not be moved


Achacachi, 9 julio. APN (Achacachi Post News). The uninominal deputy by circumscription 18, Leandro Chacalluca, representing to the Qulla nation, maintained that authorities and Ponchos Rojos will march from San Roque towards the city of La Paz. It added that “the call is obligatory for all the farmers of the Federation (Departmental) Túpac Katari; in addition we are gliding, after the town hall, to march until Sucre in defense of the Capital city of La Paz or Chuquiyapu”.

Place of meeting and date • La Ceja, Friday 20 of July in the evening.

Closing of routes • the Secretary General of the Prefecture, Alexander Zapata, indicated “we are having heavy machinery in 100 percents and those will only be able to circulate that attend the act”.

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