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“A Piece Of Cake” by Efraín Quicáñez Aguilar

BOOKS • “A Piece Of Cake” by Ephraim Quicáñez Aguilar tells the runaway of three guerrillas defeated after invading Bolivia with Che Guevara. The author tells us how they (Pombo, Urbano and Benigno) were helped to go away as fugitives from Oruro, to Chile.


 PAN COMIDO  by Efrain Quicáñez Aguilar
PAN COMIDO by Efrain Quicáñez Aguilar. Photo © The Achacachi Post®

LA PAZ, Bolivia .— "Pan Comido" ("A Piece Of Cake" or “Something easy to do””) is the title of the book of Ephraim Quicáñez Aguilar that tells us how Pombo, Urbano and Benigno guerrilla were helped to escape from Bolivia.

These three guerrilla fellow of Ernesto Che Guevara, survived the defeated guerrilla at the region of Ñancahuazú in Bolivia.

THE AUTHOR. Efrain Quicáñez Aguilar, known as "Black Joe," was a member of the Communist Party of Bolivia

THE TITLE. The book's title came from the comment he made at the time when he was asked how the surviving guerrillas in the country could get out to save their lives. The author said:

"I said, A Piece Of Cake, easy, from Oruro to Chile, by the smugglers' route."
In 250 pages, the book tells how the fugitives arrived in Chile through the border of Oruro, Bolivia. And then how senator Salvador Allende protected them until they were expelled from Chile.

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