Monday, December 19, 2011

Pretexting industrialization Evo Morales government wants to increase coca crops

GOVERNMENT STRATEGY ABOUT COCA LEAVES • Deputy Minister of Coca and Integral Development, Germán Loza confirmed today that there is a project to increase the amount of coca cultivation in Bolivia, to industrialize this product.


Germán Loza
Germán Loza. Bolivian Deputy Minister of Coca and Integral Development Photo © The Achacachi Post®

LA PAZ, Bolivia .— The governmental authority said that while the narcotics Act Nº 1008 said "just" 12 000 hectares for traditional consumption of coca (acullico) now it has to be considered inscreasing coca crops for new projects of industrialization .

Loza said:

"What we have to see now is since the adoption of Act Nº 1008 until the present decade is undertaken on the virtues of coca, such as traditional medicine, soft drinks and other products, then we have to consider this aspect and has to estimate amount of coca in the country ".
He noted that only the "bi-mate of coca" (Stevia + Coca leaves) will require three thousand tons of coca annually, regardless of the legal 12 thousand hectares, which are recognized in Act Nº 1008.
"For example for the proposed bi-mate of coca, we will need three thousand tons of coca leaves, that means that out of the 12 000 hectares for acullico."
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