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The Massacre of Warisata, Bolivia ordered by José Carlos Sanchez Berzain

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APN (Achacachi Post News). Saturday September 20. The year: 2003. Marlene Nancy Rojas Ramos, a child of just seven (7) years old is murdered by a gunshot in the chest by troops of the Bolivian army commanding in that moment by the Minister of Defense Carlos Sanchez Berzain, (a.k.a. " fox ", a.k.a. "chulupi ", some kind of cockroach).

It was the beginning of the end of Gonzalo “Goni” Sanchez de Lozada’s Government.

Days before, Goni had decided a rescue of tourists that were stranded in Sorata. A touristic tropical town near Warisata and Achacachi.

— Don't bother; I do not have anything to speak with you, fucking indians.

That was the slur that "chulupi" Berzain toss in the square of Sorata, to which he had come, after landing near town in a helicopter of the FAB (Bolivian Air Force, in Spanish). In the square, he was received with hugs, by the administrator of the Prefectural Hotel where the 75 tourists were aground by the blockade that had loosened in the roads that drive to the town of Sorata.

The insult started a reaction of the residents of Sorata, and one of them, gave to the minister a slap, making fly the eyeglasses he wore it that moment. Ernesto Condoris' brother-in-law remembers in the following way: what he calls the “the massacre of people”: “To get out the stranded tourists that were blocked in Sorata, the Minister Sanchez Berzain came to the town in person. It was in the square and a teacher even greets him shaking hands him. But other gave him a smack that made the minister to get angry and he left in his helicopter and he decided to begin the operation.”

The rescued tourist caravan, without having any other choice, had to crisscross Warisata town to get La Paz city.

As soon as the army entered to Warisata, they began shooting everybody who intents to maintain the blockade. They would not allow any class of blockades. The massacre did not respect anybody. First to die was a child: Marlene Nancy Rojas Ramos, she was not participating in the blockade, she just was, like all the children in the world, getting around, driven by her curiosity, to know what was happening in that raucous Saturday morning. She was murdered by a gunshot in her chest.

Later also died murdered, Simael Marcos Quispe Quispe, 20 years old, Sergio Vargas Castro, 19 years old, and Juan Cosme Apaza, 44 years old.

The caravan had one more complicated task: Achacachi, the tough and fearlessness people of Bolivia, but that is another story.

The called “Octubre Negro” (“Black October”) was coming, and … finished with the renouncement to the government of Bolivia, followed by the run away—not after assaulting the Central Bank of Bolivia—of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (a.k.a. “goni”), Carlos Sanchez Berzain, (a.k.a. " fox ", a.k.a. "chulupi ", some kind of cockroach), Yerco Kukok, Mauricio Balcarzar—son-in-law of Goni—, Torres Goitia and others.

Could somebody kill people using the state armed forces and still be free? Who was the head in that moment, and consequently responsible of that massacre?

The genocide began with those three murdered persons in Warisata.

Warisata will never forget his sons…

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