Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What does Achacachi mean?

THE MORE ACCEPTED VERSION of the origin of the name of Achacachi, is, that derives from two aymara words, to say, Achacachi or Jachacachi means “Big Point”, and comes from:

“jach' a”, that in aymara it means `big', and

“k' achi”, that has following meanings: `pointed', `sharpened'.

Jachac jachi. The weeping one . Another version of the origin of the Achacachi is said that the word derives from two aymara words “jachac”, 'cries'; “jachi”, 'just cries'; then Jachacjachi could mean “the one that cries and just cries”.

After the falure of the inca invation agaitns the Qulla people, both sides decided to agree a pact and to seal it the Inca I give in marriage to one ñusta (virgin girl that served in the temple of Inti god in the Island of the Sun) so that she married with the leader of qullas, the kuraca Zapana.

But, the ñusta missed so much to her people that she did not stop crying of homesick, “jachac, jachi”, 'cries, just cries' gossip the people of the place, for that reason the place where Zapana and his woman live, was called "jachac jachi", that is to say, place where it inhabits 'the one who cries' or place of the 'weeping one'.

Another name of Achacachi. Villa Loyalty of Cáceres. In the colonial period Achacachi was known with the name of “Villa Loyalty of Cáceres”, because the last name of the first land tenant (encomendero) of Achacachi and Quinaquitara, was Diego de Çárate as we can view in the document Relationship of the Occupations that are provided in the Kingdom of The Peru of People that confer them and if the Wages assigned to Them. Years 1578 At 1583 that details the provision of workers for the mines of Potosi.

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