Monday, October 26, 2009

Achacachi The highest capital city of the world

Its name Achacachi means “Big point” it derives from two aymará words: “jach'a”, ‘big’ and “k'achi”, ‘point’. After de Spanish conquest, Achacachi was known as “Villa Lealtad de Caceres”, due to first landlord’s surname.

Achacachi is a distance of 93 kilometres far from the city of La Paz (Bolivia), 199 Km of Puno (Peru) and 540 Km far from Cuzco (Peru). The city has 7540 inhabitants. Achacachi was recognised as an administrative capital trough D.S. of 7-9-1863 making January 24 as its anniversary date.

The region has a predominant cold weather. It is interesting to visit the snow - capped Illampu peak. The Keka and Tambo rivers and Lake Intikjarka (Titicaca).

The town in whole is of Qulla (Colla) origin who speak aymará language. The Qulla nation is known for keeping alive its ancient organizations, in many cases turned into agrarian unions.

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