Friday, October 06, 2017

Achacachi's Civic Leaders Imprisoned

IMPRISONED• The president of the Civic Committee of Achacachi, Elsner Larrazabal, and the leader Pedro Villca were arrested..

By EUGEN ROXAS / The Achacachi Post

NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LA PAZ, Bolivia.— Larrazabal confirmed he was carried by police to the Prosecutor's Office.

He was arrested on charges of "kidnapping y deprivation of liberty " of Modesto Clares (leader of the Ponchos Rojos)

" The arrest warrant of Mr. Elsner Larrazabal was carried out. Who was led before prosecutor Ramiro Prieto" document says..

On September 13, Clares had allegedly been kidnapped by organizations in the municipality of Achacachi that sustained a prolonged blockade of roads demanding the resignation of Mayor Edgar Ramos and the release of three other leaders.

Modesto Clares denied having been kidnapped by Achacacheños. However, his daughter denounced the fact.

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