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Morales proposed the G77 + China achieve a just world

G77 + CHINA MEETING • Bolivian President Evo Morales proposed the G77 + China start walking towards a just world where humans and nature live twinned.

By EUGEN ROXAS / The Achacachi Post

President Evo Morales and UN General Secretary Ban Ki -mon. Photo © ABI
NEW YORK, USA.— Morales, In his speech, invited member countries to feed ' the ancient wisdom of indigenous and native peoples ' . He said he came to this forum to share the experience of his work in Bolivia, thinking about the unity of the people and reduce poverty.
"We have a responsibility to seek equality of our people always thinking the most abandoned. I come to share some values for the good of all mankind. All for the universal brotherhood of peoples in harmony with Mother Earth" he said.
In his view, countries must present a structural change, a transformation of the structures. That is the challenge of the new history that we have to write, which cannot be other than the history of life ' , sustained .

Morales said that the capitalist system faces its crisis: financial, energetic, climate, food. He said that for capitalism Mother Earth and the people are objects to be dominated.

"We live in a crisis for the prescriptions of the International Monetary Fund ( IMF) , World Bank (WB) that told us to privatize."
"The south has a growing economy, considerable wealth in natural resources, and a great diversity of peoples. In this context, the G77 + China are one of the main actors of change in this historic moment. "

"I cannot understand how powerful groups have criminalized the chewing of the coca leaves. It is one of the food and medicine of the ancient people. The same happened with quinoa before despised by capitalism to be Indian food, now it has become a real alternative for good nutrition of everyone".

Finishing his speech, Morales called on the United Nations and members of the G77 + China hold a summit in Bolivia, on June 15 of this year, to celebrate in the eastern city of Santa Cruz the 50 years of this multilateral agency.

The G -77 + China were founded on June 15, 1964. This multilateral agency carries a critical view of capitalism. Initially were 77 countries, over the years, other states were annexed. Currently consists of 133 nations plus the Asian giant: China.

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