Monday, October 26, 2009


ACHACACHI has three main festivities:

  • Saint Peters and Saint Pauls,
  • Corpus Cristi, and
  • Exaltacion of our Lord.

Which are some prehispanic and folkloric original dancing and musical expressions.

Saint Peters and Saint Pauls (29, june). Here you can see Morenada, Caporales, Danzantis and P'acochis dancers. It is a “Misti” festivity. Misti means neither Spaniard nor Qulla, but been born of both. Mistis come from La Paz city or other cities, even from United States, to dance in Achacachi.

Corpus Cristi . Then we have the Corpus Cristi festivity where you can see Mukululus, Kjachwiris, Chokela, Wacawacas dancers. It’s a Qulla festivity because the people who dance here belong to communities around Achacachi.

Exaltacion of our Lord. Finally, it is the Exaltacion of our Lord festivity (18 nov). In this festivity we got the Incas, Diablada, Cullawada, Mok'ok'aras, Potolo, Llamerada and, also, Morenos dancers as the “Morenada Juventud san Pedro residentes de Achacachi ‘Los catedráticos’ con su paso militarizado” but well-known as Morenada “Los catedráticos”.

The Exaltacion of our Lord festivity is called obrero festivity because here just dance these people: tailors, carpenters, retailers in coca leaves and blacksmiths.

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