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Branko Marinkovic would have given money to terrorist Rózsa

SEPARATIST TERRORISM • John Kudelka, former aide to Marinkovic, speaks of La Torre group with prosecutor Sosa. He said Marinkovic sent money to the terrorist organization of Eduardo Rózsa, through La Torre group.


The witness John Kudelka gets out from the prosecutor offices after testifying for more than four hours.
Photo © RONALD MELGAREJO / La Razon™ . All rights reserved.

LA PAZ, Bolivia. — Juan Kudelka told the prosecutor Marcelo Sosa who is investigating the separatist terrorism case, that Branko Gora Marinkovic J. sent money to the terrorist organization commanded by Eduardo Rózsa, through La Torre group.

The former confidant of Marinkovic also claimed he was pressured to flee out Bolivia by Marinkovic ' s lawyers. He was in Brazil and then in USA.

He said:

“Indeed, I took money from Branko Marinkovic to carry to La Torre he group, then to that, Mr. Luis Orlando Justinian asked me to carry the money to Mr. German (Rózsa). I did not know the amount because it was sealed in envelopes.
Eduardo Rózsa used the alias of “German Aguilera Roca”. Meanwhile, Luis Orlando Justiniano was La Torre group manager. This group, according the former governator of Santa Cruz, Ruben Costas, was dedicated to conduct election campaigns. A report of a multi-party commission of Bolivian Congress concluded that the La Torre group organized and financed terrorist group commanded by Eduardo Rózsa.

Jose Pomacusi is involved by John Kudelka in terrorism case. Pomacusi and his wife Sisi Añez are producer and host of the television show "You Will Not Lie " on Channel 39 and editor of "Power and Pleasure" magazine.
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Juan Kudelka also said he carried three times, under orders of Marinkovic, money to La Torre group and he saw twice Rózsa in that group. He also mentioned that in the group was Paul, brother of former governator Ruben Costas and José Pomacusi producer of the television show “No mentirás” (“You will not lie”) of Channel 39.

On April 16, 2009, the police dismantled the terrorist group commanded by Eduardo Rózsa, who was shot dead together with Árpád Magyarosi and Michael Dwyer. Mario Tadic and Elöt Tóásó were jailed.

Source: LA RAZON / Carlos Corz

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