Monday, May 05, 2008

Who is Branko Gora Marinkovic Jovicevic?

BETRAYER • Branko Gora Marinkovic Jovicevic is son of pronazi Croatian Silvio Marinkovic Suarcic and Radmila Jovicevic. He has three sisters. His grandfather was Marinko Marincovic who lived in Villazon town, Bolivia, before his father—Silvio—arrived to Bolivia.

Branko Gora Marinkovic Jovicevic. President of the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz city and secessionist leader.
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ACHACACHI, Bolivia. — Marinkovic studied in Santa Cruz School. After that he received his diploma in Electromechanical Engineering, Economy, and Finances in the University of Texas (USA). He is married with Nicole Dauelsberg.

As very good son of a pronazi and catholic Croatian Marinkovic’s most recent job here in Bolivia was to divide this state. He wanted to take apart Santa Cruz Department from all the rest Bolivia. Marinkovic as secessionism leader and money financier wanted to create his own racist, fascist, and only-white-people ‘Republik of Santa Cruz’ with the help of USA ambassador in Bolivia Mr. Goldberg and the Croatian terrorist Eduardo Rozsa Flores. This effort was made, as the newspapers say, with the help of United States of America’s embassy in Bolivia through the consulate of this imperial country that there is in Santa Cruz de la Sierra city.

Mr. Goldberg. United States ex ambassador in Bolivia who intended to help Marinkovic to separate Bolivia and create a new state in the center of South America called Camba Nation. One of his most successful tasks was the disintegration of ex Yugoslavia into a ‘myriad’ of small puppet states after 1991 called Croacia, Servia, Kosovo, Eslovenia, Montenegro, Voivodina, Macedonia etc and etc. Mr. Goldberg has skills in balkanization. See Bio
Photo & Art © The Achacachi Post. All rights reserved.


General Manager of Industrias Oleaginosas S.A (Oleaginous Industries Corp. Company) dedicated to make daily 1.600 tons of soy bean and whose billings reached in 2003 to $us 92 millions.

He is shareholder and director of the Banco Económico bank. He has investments in cattle raising. He owns El Dia newspaper with xenophobic Cayetano Llobet as editor.

He managed entities like the CADEX , IBCE, and the CAINCO.

In 2009 he was President of Civic committee of Santa Cruz city.


Last known whereabouts of this secessionist Bolivian-Croatian betrayer named Branko Gora Marinkovic Jovicevic is Boca Raton, Florida USA or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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