Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Del Granado calls Morales to halt the appointment of people from his party to be judges of the state

PLEBISCITE OR ELECTIONS • The national chief of the Movimiento Sin Miedo (MSM), Juan Del Granado call on President Evo Morales to halt the appointment of people from his party to be judges of the state. If he is not heard the next vote will be only a plebiscite.


Juan Del Granado
Juan Del Granado, (next to him is Abel Mamani ex ally of Evo Morales). Photo © MSM®

LA PAZ, Bolivia .— According to Juan del Granado, Evo intends to validate his people.

"The MSM is calling on the President of the Bolivian to correct, to stop the takeover of judicial seats and do not miscarry this historic moment. If he does not hear us, we will be forced to turn the electoral act of October 16 just into a simple plebiscite but of rejection to hegemonic takeover and ruin the possibility of revaluing historicaly our justice " .

"We're going to adhere strictly to the State Constitution, we will be responsible for each of our actions in defense of democracy, pluralism and freedom of citizens."

Del Granado said that 122 people do not meet the legal or ethical requirements to fill the judicial positions.

Multinational Legislative Assembly must elect the candidates vying for the direct vote of the people to access top positions in the Bolivian Constitutional Court. The electoral vote will take place on 16 October of this year.

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