Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Complaint Presented Against Humberto Roca By Racism

RACISM • The National Council of Ayllus and Markas of Qollasuyu (Conamaq) filed a lawsuit against president of Aerosur, Humberto Roca, for the crime of discrimination and said they will not rest until see him in the jail. In addition farmers of La Paz, threaten to not permit the landing of Aerosur aircraft at the international airport of El Alto.


Humberto Roca is a most wanted fugitive from Bolivian law. Apparently is in Spain. Photo © THE ACHACACHI POST™

LA PAZ , Bolivia .— Conamaq leader, Carmelo Titirico, said that the statements of the president of Aerosur, Humberto Roca abroad are humiliating and discriminatory:

"We will not rest until see this Mr. Roca in the jail."
Conamaq adviser, Horacio Yugar, said the lawsuit was filed in Superior Court of La Paz District, for the alleged crime of discrimination under the Act Nº. 045 Act of against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination.

Humberto Roca said the newspaper ABC of Paraguay:

"- Lugo (President of Paraguay) is equal to Chavez and Evo?

- Paraguay is different from Bolivia. Lugo has the same capacity of these gentlemen to be cynical, I can say. A bishop with so many children, denotes a behavior. The problem is that Paraguay has no way, with the exception of dams, generate revenue. It does not export oil, nor minerals, it has no way of appropriating the money to spend. It's not like our countries, where there are natural resources, where the State took the oil and gas from all companies, or Venezuela that has oil.

These models of these gentlemen do not work very well in countries where the state has no income. If Lugo had chances to get those revenues would have been identical with our president. Bolivia and Venezuela have very similar things, have a great mass of poor and ignorant people, not to insult them, but they are ignorant on purpose because of the politicians.

If the ignorants are given a can of alcohol and three yellow ponchos and they will vote for the devil to have horns. In Bolivia, approximately 70% of people do not participate in an election, just vote. Vote at the last moment, has no analytical skills. It also occurs in Venezuela. In these countries the state has a lot of money. These bonds like Juancito Pinto are created for all state schools students until the fifth year, and there is more incredible, a bonus for a born children. So, they want to increase the poor, pay 200 pesos for a child. In other words, $ 30. "

The Federation Tupac Katari of Farmers of La Paz, said to besiege the city's international airport of El Alto to prevent Aerosur aircraft landing.

The leader Rene Cruz, according to a report of the UNO television network said:

"We will not allow any aircraft entering our department."


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