Thursday, November 26, 2009

Six offenses charged againts Santos Ramirez in the bolivian case Catler

BRIBERY • The prosecution presented the indictment that gives way to his trial. The former head of YPFB is willing to be judged. He faces up to six years imprisonment. Santos Ramirez is reventively into the prison of San Pedro, where he stayed since February.

By La Razon Newspaper / Eugen Roxas


LA PAZ, Bolivia. Nov. 26, 2009 - The prosecutors commission who investigated the case Catler-Uniservice filed indictment against the former president of Yacimientos Pretoliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), Santos Ramirez, for six crimes:

  • Damaging the state contracts,
  • Antieconomic conduct,
  • Dereliction of duty,
  • Misuse of influence,
  • Passive bribery and
  • Conspiracy.
These offenses are punishable under the Penal Code with penalties ranging from one to six years in prison.

The complaint gives way to the trial in which another former strongman of the Government could be sentenced up to six years imprisonment.

Acting District prosecutor of La Paz, Fernando Ganam, reported that the indictment includes 11 people:

  • Agustín Tomás Melano,
  • Miguel O’Connor D’Arlach Taborga,
  • Luis Fernando Córdova Santibáñez,
  • Javier René Navía Doria Medina,
  • Jiovanna Navía Doria Medina,
  • Esther Carmona Nogales,
  • Daniel Álvarez Gantier,
  • Julio Anagua Chumacero,
  • Marco Antonio Vega del Carpio,
  • Mauricio Ochoa Urioste and
  • Misael Gemio Jordán.
The case will be referred to the Court Of Judicial Review, Carlos Guerrero- Court 1° of Criminal Instruction, who will send the case the trial court.
"From the time of notification with the final formal complaint and the indictment must spend at least six months for the accused to defend themselves."
Told to the TV network PAT Ramirez's lawyer, Jose Luis Paredes.

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