Friday, April 02, 2010

"Why do you support the MSM (Movement Without Fear)?"

ELECTORAL DEFEAT • President Evo Morales said Thursday in closing Achacachi election campaign: "Why do you support the Movement Without Fear?". The answer is, because the president hand-picked civil engineer Alfonso Cosme as his candidate in total disagreement with the Achacachi people who nominated the journalist Tito Barrios Mamani.


Presidente Evo Morales. "Why do you support the MSM (Movement Without Fear)?"
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ACHACACHI, Bolivia. — The story is this: at a meeting of all citizens of the first section of the province Omasuyos which capital is Achacachi, a candidate for mayor was designated in the person of journalist Tito Mamani Barrios. This appointment follows the Rote Authority Principle which says: each town must be in Mayor house for five years only. Warisata town already served his five years with Prof. Eugenio Rojas Apaza (now Senator) who was born in that town.

Now, for this next five years it is the time for Achacachi with his designated journalist Tito Mamani Barrios. But this was not supported by the leadership of the MAS (Evo’s political party Movement toward Socialism) instead he enrolled as a candidate to Mr. Alfonso Cosme, born in Warisata. Thus ignoring the ways and customs of the Colla nation, in this case, ignoring the Rote Authority Principle.

Why this this principle is ignored? To cover the case of poor construction of K’uchu dam which collapsed and crumbled on Saturday 20 may 2010. Who designed and built this dam? Engineer Alfonso Cosme.

CLICK TO ENLARGE Civil engineer Alfonso Cosme's K’uchu dam.
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If Cosme win the Mayor House, would there be a poorly constructed dam audit? Surely not! That's why the first section of the population of the province Omasuyos supports another candidate.

Support another candidate because the leadership of MAS unknown Rote Authority Principle.

Support another candidate to imprison those responsible for shoddy work.

President Evo Morales asked to achacacheños: "Why support the Movement Without Fear?" Because MAS leadership ignored Rote Authority Principle, ignored designation of Tito Mamani Barrios. Because Achacachi want shoddy work are paid by those responsible, in this case, the civil engineer Alfonso Cosme.

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