Thursday, February 04, 2010

Patzi resigns for Governor because he was driving drunked

RESIGN • Felix Patzi Paco candidate, resigned Thursday to continue in the race for governor of the department of La Paz for the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), after admitting driving while intoxicated.


Felix Patzi Paco. Patzi resigns for Governor because he was driving drunked.
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LA PAZ, Bolivia.- Patzi, at a press conference, said he prefers the academic rather than remain immersed in politics.

Patzi was arrested by Police, later released, for driving under the influence of alcohol early Thursday in the city of La Paz.

"In this case we are talking about a fault and traffic violation because he was driving while intoxicated. According to the breath test for alcohol he was 1.5 percent level of alcohol in his blood which is a punishable."
Said Lt. Col. Alfonso Moreno, Transit Operating Police.

According to the report for Traffic, Patzi, who was caught by police at 03:00 am on Thursday on 6 de Augosto Av. He drove a pearl Toyota wagon, model 1998 with license plate 1940-INL. He was punished with 400 bolivianos. His car remains in police custody.

Patzi is a recidivist. In July last year was also caught drunk driving on a road between El Alto and La Paz under 1.5 percent of alcohol in his blood. He was fined economically and covered the cost of the damage caused to public ornament.

According to the Traffic Code, if the driver was driving while intoxicated and is a repeat offender he or her shall be punished with the suspension of his or of her license for one year. In case of recurrence for the third time, the license could be suspended permanently. As it happens in the Patzi case.

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