Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Senator Eugenio Rojas said that some private mass media wants to boycott the bolivian judicial voting

BOLIVIAN JUDICIAL VOTING • MAS Senator in the Legislative Assembly of Bolivia, Eugenio Rojas, reported Monday that some private mass media seek to boycott the democratic process of voting to the highest chairs of Bolivia’s court, anticipating opinions that sow doubt and suspicion in people.

By EUGEN ROXAS / The Achacachi Post®

Senator Eugenio Rojas. Photo © THE ACHACACHI POST®

LA PAZ, Bolivia .— Rojas said that private mass media doesn't see, for example, the opening of registration books of applicants who want to receive voting.

"I tell private mass media does not rush ahead. I think mass media has another objetive: not take place the elections, that is being. The mass media wants to boycott. Surely some mass media, it must be said in that way. Take this process with regard, look at this topic with very calm. The mass media is anticipating."
The senator recall that the Supreme Electoral Court will define the relevant regulations, for which the mass media is invited and will work together.

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