Monday, March 29, 2010

"I challenge the Government to submit to an investigation by the IACHR "

MOST WANTED • The former candidate Manfred Reyes Villa said he was exiled because he suffered a political persecution, and he seeks the intervention of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.


Manfred Reyes Villa. Former Army officer. He was Nationalist Democratic Action activist. He was Cochabamba’s mayor allied with Movimiento Bolivia Libre. He founded the New Republican Force but in the election of 2009 this political party was defeated. Now he is a fugitive from justice in Bolivia for corruption.
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WASHINGTON DC, USA. — The former prefect of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, accused of several crimes by the government, reacted to statements made by Secretary for Combating Corruption, Nardi Suxo, before the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights (IACHR ) in the OAS and said he is willing to investigate allegations that instance.

- Do you accept being investigated by the IACHR?

“Nardi Suxo came to ratify what the government is doing. She did not come to inform the fight against corruption in Bolivia. She came to accuse to me because they see that we are a danger to them. I regret coming Government’s officers to make political statements before an international institution. I challenge the government of Evo to be the IACHR the institution to investigate and that we submit both to this body.
- What opinión do you believe has bolivian people after your departure, similar to a escape?
“Everybody knows the case of Leopoldo Fernandez, a prisoner without trial. Here there is abuse of power and justice-making by the executive and that shows lack of democracy in a country. So I had to take a decision which is not to be just a voice in jail without any process. It's easy to complain, but it is very difficult to prove. The issue is charge and prove. Government charges are ridiculous. Furthermore, why they did not begin complaints when I left the Governorship?, Why they did only the day after they learned that I was a candidate for the Presidency?
- What do you think will be the situation of opponents who still live in Bolivia, for example, former presidents?
"They will follow the same fate because the government of Evo Morales will try to imprison them. They will try to destroy those who think different. I had never thought of leaving the country, but Evo instructed to take me prisoner, because it is not justice that manifests itself, is the politician who does, and I preferred to leave.
- Do you think that the choice of those who think different is that they must leave Bolivia? What is the future of bolivians who did not leave the country?
"Unfortunately in Bolivia is not guaranteed a fair trial to anyone. It has now been submitted to the judges and prosecutors to act under the finger of government. There are no options of defense and that is why international agencies is asking for judiciary independence.
- What is your residency status in the U.S.? Are you a asylee?
"My condition at this moment is legal. I have come to seek justice as political persecuted by the Government of Evo Morales and Chavez.
- Have you applied for asylum?
"I'm watching and analyzing. First I see the situation and I am looking for international agencies to follow up this case.
- What is your opinion of the appointment of prosecutors, especially in Cochabamba, where they handled some of the accusations against you?
"There is the clear demonstration of what I say. Who commanded the burning of the Governor House, Celima Torrico, now she is Minister of Justice. Who set with a lawsuit against me is appointed as general prosecutor in Cochabamba. Camilo Medina who accused me without any basis, now has his reward.
- Have you had the opportunity to meet someone of the IACHR? What results have been achieved in that meeting?
"I made several complaints since I arrived. These agencies take their time. It's the same system of terror that Venezuela has.
- Will you return to Bolivia?
"I’ll love it, but when I know that there is justice and we should all be in Bolivia submitting to a fair justice and not a totalitarian regime that manages the trials.
- What happened with his alliance with Leopold (Fernandez)? Why you let him alone?
"I have not left alone. We are always talking. Is a person who is imprisoned unjustly.
- What is your view on the approach that is trying to establish Ruben Costas with the government?
"From Ruben Costas can expect anything and if he has to sell his soul to the devil, he will. It was the first to betray the governors and has left his people alone. For me, he is not the leader deserves Santa Cruz. The weakness of Santa Cruz is due to Ruben Costas.
- Is it possible to think that Manfred rearticulate a democratic front of opposition in Bolivia?
"At this moment we can not talk about democracy in Bolivia, if someone tries to lift his or her head, the government will cut it.
- What is the future of the opposition? Who will take this challenge?
"I think the country will realice that is a government that will harm the economic development of Bolivia and every day we speak of quantities of seized drug. What is true is that Bolivia is living from drug resources.
- How do you get out of Bolivia?
"I got out walking from the country, without disguise. I did not have leaving prohibition. I left by Pando and they knew it. I did not need to hide and they make pay to police. There is hatred and resentment that they have against me.


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