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MAS proposes to declare traditional zone of coca the Chapare area and increase to 20 000 hectares of these plantations

COCA LEAVES • The Movement toward Socialism (MAS) is proposing to designate the Tropic of Cochabamba as traditional area of coca plantations and increase to 20 000 hectares of these plantations. This proposal divided the followers of the MAS.


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LA PAZ, Bolivia .— MAS deputy, Jorge Medina, said the Yungas of La Paz is the unique traditional area of production of coca leaf in the country and producers of La Paz do not want to expand more crops of this plant.

"The Yungas is the unique ancient traditional area, we do not want more coca, because we must all fight to stop drug trafficking in the country,"

He also asked MAS senator Julio Salazar, not to encourage Bolivians to keep planting more of this green leaf.

Jorge Medina MAS Deputy. Profile | Website Photo © The Achacachi Post®

Jorge Medina said:

"I ask the Senator Julio Salazar to not encourage the Bolivians continuing planting more trees of coca, more the contrary, we should not plant more coca and we have to stop drug trafficking in the country."

Act Nº. 1008 of Drug Control recognizes only 12 000 hectares as legally plantations for traditional uses such as tea, chewing and Andean religious rituals.

Federico Jove, leader of the Peasant Federation Council of Los Yungas (COFECAY), also said in Cochabamba that the government of Evo Morales seeks to increase legal coca crops to 20 000 hectares at national level through a new bill.

Gabriel Carranza, an adviser to the Departmental Association of Coca Producers of La Paz, said that Article 9 of Act Nº 1008 states that the traditional production area of coca are Nor Yungas, South Yungas, Inquisive, Murillo, Muñecas, Franz Tamayo (located in the department of La Paz), as well as Yungas of Vandiola, which corresponds a little parte of provinces Carrasco and Tiraque, Cochabamba.

The proposed 20 000 hectares of legal coca is not a new issue, it arises from a speech by President Evo Morales did in 2006, he said. .

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