Monday, March 29, 2010

Guillermo Fortun fled to Chile

MOST WANTED • Bolivia asked Chile to hand over Fortun accused of misusing public funds. Fortun is a candidate for mayor of La Paz.


Guillermo Fortún.
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LA PAZ, Bolivia. — Guillermo Fortun, candidate of the Nationalist Democratic Action POLITICAL PARTY is being investigated for his alleged responsibility in the embezzlement of 18 million bolivianos (about $ 2.5 million) when he was Minister of Government (Interior) during the presidential administration Hugo Banzer (1997-2001).

The government of Evo Morales announced Monday Iit will ask the authorities of Chile to deliver the candidate for mayor of La Paz Guillermo Fortun, who fled to that country. Bolivia is alleging that Fortun was involved in embezzlement of state funds.

Walker San Miguel general consul of Bolivia in Santiago, said that Fortune came to the capital on March 18 on a commercial flight from Lima, Peru.

"In coordination with the Foreign Ministry and the prosecutor assigned to the case we will take all reasonable steps, procedures and actions required to achieve that Mr. Fortun is summoned by the prosecution and transferred to the city of La Paz for his statement.
This candidate has been called to testify to the Prosecution on 6 April.

The prosecuting attorney, Felix Peralta, confirmed that the Public Ministry has contacted the Bolivian consul in Chile, which in turn report to the Chilean authorities the case.

"We are sending the fax and the corresponding notes through diplomatic channels, to the effect that the Chilean authorities are aware of this investigation."
Fortun decided to "self-exile" more than ten days ago and has declared a "victim of President Evo Morales and Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera.”

Ubilla, chilean authorityi has informed that Fortun has not asked political asylum nor is any impediment to living in this country since he entered legally.

Meanwhile, Bolivia's Electoral Court has explained that Fortun's candidacy for mayor of La Paz is maintained even though he is not in the country because the only grounds for withdrawing the nomination are the resignation or death of the candidate.


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