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Military do not want to deliver declassified papers

DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS • Armed Forces do not want to deliver declassified documents from the time of the disappearances of people opposed to their dictatorship.


Armed Forces try to deliver only three folders with a few papers.
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LA PAZ, Bolivia. — Military not comply with the order to deliver declassified the documents and papers of the dictatorships. They try to deliver only three folders with a few papers. In the whole cabinet should be written the fate of missing military government.

Milton Mendoza, prosecutor investigating forced disappearances during the last dictatorship in Bolivia (1964-1981), required the military the whole ten folders with information about the dictatorships that showed the 26 February, the High Military Command.

The prosecutor said an appeal will be devised before Judge Roger Valverde for the seizure of the files. The Armed Forces sent to the court files with the 1980 military ranks, but the orders did not include destination, sparking Mendoza's complaint and a confrontation between the executive (Vice President García Linera) and the legislature (Hector Arce), accusing the prosecutor arming a media show with the investigation.

When the prosecutor was asked about this, he said:

"I would worry more if the musing’s family say I'm not doing anything. I'm used to my performance do not like to the Executive, no matter who is in government. Sanchez Berzain criticized me in 2003 when he tried to pass military to the civilian justice for murdering a nurse and wounding a doctor in 'black February'. In 2005, Rodriguez Veltzé did not like my quoting on the High Command for the slaughter of October. The criticisms do not affect my actions, my conscience is clear and I am doing my duty. Much remains to be done. It is the beginning of the investigation. "
Milton Mendoza Prosecutor.
Photo © The Achacachi Post™ . All rights reserved.
Mendoza also said:
"The information we received is inadequate. We are looking for classified intelligence files. We are using all legal means open to us the records and cooperate with the investigation. It is a difficult inquiry for the time, but if institutions cooperate, we will have a positive outcome which will benefit the credibility of justice. "

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