Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Criminal proceedings is set in case Catler-YPFB for June 17

CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS • On June 17 will start criminal proceedings on charges of wasteful conduct, conspiracy, misuse of influence, active and passive bribery against Santos Ramirez and others.


Santos Ramírez Valverde and his wife Giovanna Navia Doria Medina

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LA PAZ, Bolivia. —The First Court of Judgement of the Superior Court of Justice of La Paz city decided to install the next june 17 criminal proceedings against Santos Ramirez and other defendants for alleged public corruption in the signing of a contract between the Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB, Bolivian Fiscal Oilfields) and Catler Uniservice by $ 86 million.

YPFB's legal adviser, Monica Ramirez said:

" YPFB has been notified today with the opening resolution of the trial to June 17 ... the First Court Judgement issued resolution on the basis of the indictment of prosecutor ...."

In this case Prosecutior will charge of offenses like antieconomic conduct, conspiracy, misuse of influence, active and passive bribery againts:

  1. Agustín Tomás Melano,
  2. Daniel Álvarez Gantier,
  3. Esther Rosario Carmona Nogales,
  4. Javier René Navia Doria Medina,
  5. Giovanna Navia Doria Medina (Santos Ramirez’ wife),
  6. José Daniel Álvarez Gantier,
  7. Julio Anagua Chumasero,
  8. Luis Fernando Córdova Santibáñez,
  9. Marco Antonio Vega del Carpio,
  10. Mauricio Eduardo Ochoa Urioste (legal director of YPFB),
  11. Miguel O’Connor D’Arlach Taborga (Jorge D'Arlach’s brother),
  12. Misael Fernando Gemio
  13. Santos Ramírez Valverde

Source: ERBOL

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