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Eyewitness tells Senator Fidel Surco, liar

DISCOVERED • Humberto Quispe, an eyewitness said that Senator of MAS Fidel Surco was driving the motor that collided Monday in the city of El Alto.


Senator Fidel Surco. Drunk and sleeping it off. Photo © LA PATRIA

EL ALTO, Bolivia. — Quispe, a carpenter, in an exclusive interview granted to the program "Morning Live with Amalia Pando" of Erbol broadcasting station, said the accident occurred in the second breakdamper of Julio César Valdés Av. only a couple of meters where he was going to work on a bicycle.

On the eve, Senator Surco said to the mass media that he was not driving the van that crashed.


Erbol (E): Don Humberto what did you see? What were you doing there? At what time did it happen?

Humberto Quispe (HQ): "I was on my way to my work, I am a carpenter and near me occurred the collision. It was about 10.30. Just above the second breakdamper, a van crashed into a tiny jeep. I saw a known person driving the van that crashed into the jeep. Although did not remember the name, was a familiar face who was driving the car that crashed. The driver whose car was hit get out his car. He was wearing Bolivian Air Force (FAB) uniform and went to the van.

After that moment a patrol with two police arrived. The person known (Surco) had got out the vehicle, as his companion, who was his co-pilot, too. The companion was in the right seat.

Both tried to escape. They tried to take a taxi. Is in that moment I recognize Fidel Surco, the MAS Senator. The policemen begged him to get on the patrol car. They would pray him with flowers, surely they already knew who was the protagonist of the event.

But Fidel Surco and his companion were trying to escape, going from side to side, then I parked my bike and went where they were.

When he (the Senator) was getting on a taxi, I pushed him out and scolded him 'you're Fidel Surco, why not get on the police patrol '; only after that one of the police said ' these authorities are always the same. Neighbors, gentlemen, please help us up'.

The neighbors got pushed Senator Surco on police patrol, then his companion, who behaved very arrogant and even wanted to fight with one of the police. "

E: Don Humberto, the vehicle that caused the collision had two or three people?
"Only two people. Surco on the steering wheel and on his right one little man, who was his companion. "
E: Did you see that Surco was driving?
"Yes, yes, I can confirm that Surco was on the steering wheel, so I'm giving my name.

Yesterday I heard very indignant statements of Surco (who said his driver was driving sober).

If Mr. Surco had hit some of his buses I do not care, but has hit a station wagon (deluxe) which I think belong the Estate.

I sweat in this job so many years, working on my bike and he is crashing this car, that makes me angry.

Surco was on the steering wheel and that's what I'm going to state and confirm where ever they want.

I voted for Surco, for what? For doing this nonsense.

I felt a lot of rage yesterday, when he said he was not driving and his driver was the one who was driving. He is a liar... and a wino. "

E: How was dressed Surco?
"Surco has been a bit taller than me. He was with a jeans, a T-shirt and a black leather jacket."

Source: ERBOL

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