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Evo and Indians marchers hinder the dialogue with their conditions

EVO AND INDIAN MARCH CONDITIONS • Evo Morales’ government and Yuracare, Yuki, Moxenio and Chiman Bolivian Indians fail to engage in dialogue. Both they lay their conditions for resolving the conflict of the Indian territory and Isiboro Secure National Park (TIPNIS) in which Evo aims to build the second section of the road Villa Tunari - San Ignacio de Moxos.

By A.A. / ERBOL / EUGENE ROXAS (Translation)

Yuracare, Yuki, Moxenio And Chiman Bolivian Indian Marchers. Photo © ERBOL®

LA PAZ, Bolivia .— On Wednesday, the government invited the marchers to a meeting on Thursday morning in the Vice Presidential building with the participation of 20 representatives of the indians, but the proposal was rejected by the mobilized and requested that the meeting must be in the Government Palace with the Chief Executive.

However, the government justified that Palace is being refurbished, so the meeting could not be there.

Adolfo Chavez. Photo © THE ACHACACHI POST®

President of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples Bolivia (CIDOB) Adolfo Chavez told to Erbol radio:

"We did not come to see if the Palace is painted or peeling, we have not come to see its beatifulness, we come to talk with the President at the Palace"
For his part, President Evo Morales waited in the Vice Presidential building this morning the Indians, who did not attend the meeting saying the dialogue must be performed in facilities of the Palace of Government or in any case in Murillo square where Government Palace is.

Morales said:

"A dialogue is to do a work, a dialogue is not a political event, in the dialogue is necessary to review data and documents should be reviewed, (as) laws, rules, (...) a dialogue is not a show for the media, a dialogue is not a public event... "

Today in the afternoon, the Head of State gave in and agreed that the meeting will be at the Government Palace at 18.00, but again the Indians did not respond to the invitation.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the movement, who arrived in the city of La Paz yesterday after 65 days walk from Trinidad, resolved that the dialogue should be with all the marchers in Murillo square.

The indigenous leader said:

"First, the dialog is accepted, but the column of marchers must enter on (Murillo) square, for this reason starting the dialogue is in the hands of President Evo Morales."
In a letter to President Morales in the afternoon, indigenous leaders asked the Government the income of other leaders who are not in Murillo square, in addition to installation of big TV screens for the marchers who are excluded from the meeting so that they can make a follow-up.

Against this requirement, the government only accepted the entry of more that twenty leaders but not the installation of big TV screens, "considering that it is not a political debate" and could affect the dialogue. The Executive gives the 21.00 deadline to receive a positive response and install dialogue.

The response of the Indians arrived at about 20.30 and requested the Government to permit enter all members of the mobilization at night to begin a dialogue on Friday at 8.00.

The government Secretary Wilfredo Chavez, at 20.50 in press conference said:

"For security and respect to Square of all paceños indians can not be permited to enter and besides of the risk of being destroyed."
After the deadline given by the Government, 21.00, the Chief of State, accompanied by his Secretaries appeared before the media to once again lament the absence of the leaders of the Indians.

Evo Morales said:

"I regret very much the non-arrival of the brothers. I feel that they do not want a dialogue (...) ones ask for 50 (delegates), others ask for 100 (delegates). Others ask a dialogue with all the marchers. First they must agree then we see what solution we find."

Source: ERBOL®

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