Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another million of dollars for Santos Ramirez

BRIBERY • The jailed former president of YPFB Santos Ramirez should have received Catler-Uniservice at least a million dollars more from bribery, between January and April 2009.


JAVIER NAVIA, brother of the wife of Santos Ramirez, after declaring the Public Prosecutor in La Paz city.
© La Prensa / Los Tiempos

LA PAZ, Bolivia. Dic. 10, 2009 - This information gave Javier Navia Doria Medina, brother of Santos Ramirez’s wife Jiovanna Navia, he made a comprehensive statement on 24 November at the Prosecutor of La Paz District.

According to Javier Navia, Ramirez would receive 500 thousand dollars ending January 2009, 250 thousand dollars in March and another 250 thousand dollars in April, reports Erbol broadcasting station.

However, a bloody robbery on 27 January of that bribe, unveiled the millionairy corruption in YPFB thwarted the plans of Ramirez, who could no longer get that million dollars after the scandal.

Javier Navía confirmed that before the robbery, Ramirez managed to get 800 thousand dollars of bribe, which he would have delivered with Jorge O'Connor, who was assassinated in January in the robbery. report Erbol.

Source: ERBOL / La Razon Newspaper

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