Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ponchos Rojos will make a parade in Santa Cruz de la Sierra

The Ponchos Rojos of Achacachi will march in the tropical city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, to defend the unity of Bolivia country.

Achacachi, 2 August. APN (Achacachi Post News). In the sacred mount of Pajchiri, in front of the Intikjrka Lake (Titicaca), the Ponchos Rojos of Achacachi, defenders and guardians of the Qulla nation, displayed their offerings to the Pachamama (Mother Earth), to which they requested by the unit of Bolivia. They noticed that they will defend even including with the arms the Constituent Assembly.

Also there were political speeches like the one of the mayor of Achacachi, Lic. Eugenio Rojas, who ratified that the Ponchos Rojos will go in pacific form to Santa Cruz to participate in the military parade of the 7 of August, in the occasion of the celebrations of the anniversary of the creation of the Bolivian army, although the civic cruceños question their presence.

The president of town of Chua Visalaya, Juana Nacho, remembered that if had not been by the indigenous people that defended with their blood the natural resources in the war of the Chaco against Paraguay, at the beginning of century XX, Bolivia would not count today on the gas reserves that allow to move ahead their economy.

The Ponchos Rojos rehearsal in the 8th Regiment Ayacucho de Achacachi. Instructors of the Regiment, taught to march yesterday to the Ponchos Rojos, who will participate in the military parade of the 7 of August in the city of Santa Cruz.

Ruperto Quispe, one of the leaders, indicated that 100 Ponchos Rojos will travel to Santa Cruz. “We are going to only march with the bolivian tricolor flag, that is the order of the military. No other. We will sing the National anthem, anf otrd patriotic anthems”. He also said that “while a group of Ponchos Rojos marches, another group would be in the environs with the objective to take care of them of possible aggressions”, although it noticed that they will not take any type of arms that is said they have: “Each one will march with his poncho and the hung whip. No weapon”.

The presence of this sector in the parade of Tuesday generated malaise between rich people of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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