Friday, February 26, 2010

Costas calls pander to Evo Morales' candidate

ELECTIONS AND TERRORISM • Ruben Costas, candidate for Santa Cruz governorship, called, in the “good sense”, pander to Evo Morales' candidate: Xerjes Justiniano. And the terrorists? Would not be called in the same way to the secessionism?


Ruben Costas. Secesionist leader.
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LA PAZ, Bolivia. — On Sunday 21 February, journalists promoted the first debate between candidates for governor of Santa Cruz . The only absentee was Ruben Costas, secesionist leader. But a day later during an interview, he used expletives words against Xerxes Justiniano Talavera another candidate.

In Costas opinion, Justiniano is pandering to the MAS political party whe he accept to be its cadidacy. Costas said he was using the word in its proper sense. What's the point?. The dictionary says that word denotes be pimp irreverent, gossipy, abetting illegal carnal acts, and other cuteness.

If the word pander has "good sense" Costs should then agree that he and his associates (Branko Marinkovic, Eduardo Paz, Mauricio Roca y Germán Antelo) were pandering to separatists, eventually failed. Costas will has to answer for the plot that commanded and whose traces were on computers of mercenary Eduardo Rozsa Flores. For example, preparations of secesionism was supported by U.S. Ambassador in Bolivia Philip Goldberg when they both managed a secret meeting on September 14.

Ruben Costas. Secesionist leader.
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The evidence collected by bolivian prosecutors are practically completed. The judges will be chosen soon and criminal processes will begin charging Costas of rebellion, conspiracy and treason.

All these peole feel persecuted by "thinking different". All those who sought to make foreign to the Indians who live in Santa Cruz, failed ... but they persist from the shadows.

Source: Anzoátegui Vive...!

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