Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MAS leaders say Patzi lied and prepares his disqualification as a candidate.

REPLACEMENT • Bolivian Electoral Court clarified that candidates will be cleared only by party delegates.


Felix "wino" Patzi. La Paz ex-candidate for governorship. Photo © The Achacachi Post™

06:54 p.m.LA PAZ, Bolivia .- The leaders of the Movement to Socialism (in spanish Movimiento Al Socialismo MAS) decided to ignore the Felix Patzi candidacy for governor of La Paz and enlists their disqualification.

The qulla thinker "lied to his family and (...) for everyone," said the Bolivian chancellor David Choquehuanca, to externalize their anger. Visibly annoyed, because he was speaker of the former candidate of the MAS with President Evo Morales.

"He lied to me, lied to his family, lied to La Paz city people, lied to the press, lied to the international community, he lied to the people of El Alto, lied to everyone. It was not her sister burial, nor his cousin he just was getting drunk with beers in Sopocachi county.”
Patzi was arrested by a police patrol early Thursday February 4, because he was driving while intoxicated.

He said then that, in accordance with Qulla nation traditions, he has taken some beers in the “quita-penas” (after-burial cocktail-meeting).

Senator Fidel Surco (MAS) also said: Patzi lied to us:

"We would have understood, even I was worried about the situation of his family, a cousin burial, but it did not, he (Patzi) is a wino-man. He is a bad drinker.”
Separately, the Bolivian Electoral Court president, Antonio Costa, issued a directive instructing departmental electoral courts receive until 13 February, the documentation of candidates for governorships:
"The papers must be delivered solely and exclusively by party delegate accredited to the court”.
The MAS will not submit the documentation of Felix Patzi disabling this way his candidacy to the governorship of La Paz department.
Source: Los Tiempos® Newspaper

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