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CIA agent Istvan Belovai collaborated with Santa Cruz secessionists

SECURITY • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent Istvan Belovai codename Escorpio–B collaborated with Santa Cruz secessionists. The spy reviewed Rózsa Flores’ secessionism documents.


Istvan Belovai. CIA Agent. (codename Scorpio-B) CIA secret agent reviewed secessionism documents of Eduardo Rózsa Flores. More... Photo © The Telegraph™

LA PAZ, Bolivia .- Belovai was in charge of correcting the documents of Bolivian-Croatian mercenary Eduardo Rózsa Flores.

The figure emerged from the analysis of information found on Rózsa laptops, under the folder Bel – North. The files show exchanged emails with the CIA agent.

Rózsa’s terrorist cell was thwarted on 16 April 2009 in Las Americas hotel of Santa Cruz city.

Scorpion-B offered and support satellite communications for specific actions and funding for the mercenary group formed with foreigners and many Bolivians.

Bolivian prosecutor Marcelo Soza, last week, made the revelation on the links between Eduardo Rózsa and CIA agent. The prosecutor said:

‘This guy Belovai was Eduardo Rózsa’s mentor maybe he was his instructor. Investigations established that Rózsa was constantly informing Scorpion-B about the components of his group and the actions that were going to do in Bolivia.’
Marcelo Soza also noted that prosecutors are investigating whether Belovai was at some time in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
Source: CAMBIO® Newspaper

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