Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The prosecution accuses in criminal proceedings against twelve defendants in Santos Ramirez corruption case

CORRUPTION • The country of Bolivia lost 9.3 million dollars for corruption in YPFB.


YPFB La Paz headquarters.
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LA PAZ, Bolivia. — Once the investigative stage in the case of alleged corruption in YPFB, the Prosecution filed an order concluding indictment against 12 defendants and requested date and time for the start of the trial against them.

The order was issued as part of an edict issued by the trial court's First Judicial District of La Paz. In the document, the prosecutors handling the case asked the court to "pre-law proceedings, may issue the corresponding order for commencement of trial."

On January 14, 2008, YPFB signed a contract with the consortium Catler-Uniservice for construction of a gas field. The irregularities in the agreement came to light on January 27 last year. That day, the executive Uniservice, Jorge D'Arlach O'Connor was killed and seized $ U.S. 450 thousand, an alleged kickbacks to the former president of the state, Santos Ramirez, to award the work.

The prosecution accuses Ramirez (currently with custody) of six crimes:

  1. contracts prejudicial to the State,
  2. wasteful conduct,
  3. dereliction of duty,
  4. misuse of influence,
  5. conspiracy and
  6. bribery own liabilities.
The prosecution also charged:
  1. Agustín Tomás Melano,
  2. Miguel O’Connor D’Arlach Taborga (Jorge D'Arlach’s brother),
  3. Luis Fernando Córdova Santibáñez,
  4. Javier René Navía Doria Medina,
  5. Jiovanna Navía Doria Medina (Santos Ramirez’ wife),
  6. Esther Carmona Nogales,
  7. Daniel Álvarez Gantier,
  8. Julio Anagua Chumacero,
  9. Marco Antonio Vega del Carpio,
  10. Mauricio Ochoa Urioste (legal director of YPFB) and
  11. Misael Gemio Jordán.

Source: LA RAZON

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