Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prosecutor accused of the crime of murder to Jaime Paz Zamora

INVESTIGATION • Tarija’s prosecutor files charges President Jaime Paz Zamora for the crime of homicide. Prosecutors assigned to the case down alleged responsibility. Prosecutors believe he's guilty.


Jaime Paz Zamora is accused of the crime of murder by Tarija’s Prosecutor.
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LA PAZ, Bolivia. — The charge was made at Coroner's Court of San Lorenzo town. Prosecutor Erick Quiroga said:

"This is the time to set a hearing for Paz Zamora in an audience”.
On January 25, 2010 Jaime Paz collided with a taxicab on the road Tarija-San Lorenzo. Taxicab driver, Juan Castrillo, died. A review found that the former president had 0.46 percent alcohol in his blood and died taxicab driver, 0.50.

Since this is a public order crime, the prosecution, despite the withdrawal of the relatives of the deceased and the wounded, decided to maintain for the time the indictment against the former president.

In February, Franz Gutiérrez, defendant's attorney, would have agreed with the family. He said:

" The family of the victim made a complaint, but then submitted a withdrawal. That obviously has an effect”.

Source: LA RAZON

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