Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cuba liberates opponent Darsy Ferrer imprisoned to have bought two cement sacks in black market

CUBAN OPPONENT FREE • The Cuban Government liberates Cuban opponent physician Darsy Ferrer imprisoned from 2009. His crime was to have bought in the black market two cement sacks.


Darsy Ferrer.
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LA HABANA, Cuba.— Physician Ferrer, once liberated will be able to complete his sanction in parole. International amnesty says that Ferrer is a conscience inmate, but Cuba denies such a category: “In Cuba there are not prisoners of conscience neither political inmates”.

Once in freedom Ferrer denounced through RFI broadcasting station:

“The jail system is totally infrahuman, cruel, feeding it is terrible. Medical attendance practically doesn't exist. The treatment of military is cruel. Beating up is frequent.

Right now I leave several prisoners in strike of hunger inside the punishment cells, over there in the cells of the prison.

Frequently almost every week there are fights and riots for the terrible, pushed the prisoners to that aggressiveness for the terrible prison conditions. There is, the accumulation is terrible. Everything is very, very, very lamentable. Very difficult.

This is the reason why Cuban government refuses to inspect its jails by independent inspectors.

And all that because, after experiencing it, simply what increases the commitment and the work that we carry out as opponent, to look for solutions to the dramatic situation of Cuba.”

Darsy Ferrer was put in freedom in eves from the arrival to Cuba of the cardinal Francis George, president of the Episcopal conference of USA, visit that it happens to that of the chancellor from the Vatican last week in an unpublished approach among the totalitarian régime of Cuba and the Catholic Church that allowed the liberation of a political prisoner and the transfer of twelve dissidents to jails near his homes.

Source: Radio FRANCIA INTERNACIONAL® 23-jun-10

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