Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family of rescued miner Carlos Mamani rejects Evo Morales’ offer: return to Bolivia

RETURN REJECTED • The family of Carlos Mamani Solis reported on Wednesday the decision to stay with 32 other workers at the San José mine and not to accept the proposal of President Evo Morales: return to Bolivia where he could have a job.


CARLOS MAMANI SOLIS Fourth Rescued Miner
Carlos Mamani Solis fourth miner rescued.
Photo © LA PRENSA™ /Bolivia

COPIAPO, Chile .— Mary Herrera, mother of the Bolivian miner, told ERBOL Network, there is no condition to return to Bolivia, so they prefer to stay in the trans-Andean country of Chile where he was welcomed and he has better offers of jobs and also there is economic stability.

"In Bolivia there are no conditions to live, I had to leave my house abandoned in Cochabamba," said the interview, while making clear that the offer of President Evo Morales "is far from certain."
The President of the Bolivian state, after visiting the miner Mamani in the Regional Hospital of Copiapo, where he remained under medical observation, said to international media that he had offered to his fellow a job with all the social benefits.

Source: ERBOL ®

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