Monday, May 30, 2011

Chile answered to Bolivia: We have armed forces prepared to enforce treaties

BOLIVIA'S LANDLOCKED • The Chilean current defense minister and foreign minister in substitution Andrés Allamand, in response to the claim of the Bolivian government to present its maritime claim to the 41st General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) said today that the Chilean people act together and it has its armed forces ready to enforce the treaty. .

By EUGEN ROXAS / The Achacachi Post®

Andres Allamand, Chilean Minister of Defense
Andres Allamand, Chilean Minister of Defense. Photo © LA TERCERA.®

SANTIAGO, Chile .— Bolivian head of the Strategic Management of Maritime Claim, Ruben Saavedra, told reporters in La Paz, that for 5-7 June in El Salvador, Bolivia will present its new strategy for access to sovereignty to the Pacific ports through proceedings before international tribunals.

In response, in saying by La Tercera from Chile, Allamand said Chile is a country that acts in these matters tight together and has in their positions, all the help of international law. Allamand added:

"And, finally, Chile has a prestigious Armed Forces, professional and prepared, which are capable of enforcing international treaties and protect properly sovereignty and territorial integrity of Chile."


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