Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A divided COB suspends march towards La Paz

DISUNION • The mining sector of the once powerful Central Obrera Boliviana (COB, Confederation of Workers’ unions) decided to suspend the march from Caracollo town that wanted to get to La Paz, after accepting the new Government Pension Act: retirement at age of 51 years old of inside mine workers and retirement income based on 24 last payment ballots.


Pedro Montes.

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LA PAZ, Bolivia. —After a meeting with the Secretary of the Presidency, Oscar Coca and other executive officials in the Andean town of Panduro, miners held a meeting in which determined to accept the government offer.

The other sectors of workers like urban and rural teachers, health workers and the manufacturing sector did not accept the offer. They want a real wage increases exceeding 5% offered by Evo Morales.

Teachers, factory and hospital workers will continue to march towards the city of La Paz. Moreover, they felt betrayed by the general secretary of the COB, Mr. Montes for accepting the government offer. Mr. Montes is miner.

It won the maxim "divide and conquer." Evo Morales's government began to divide workers. Negotiated by sector as in the best times of the Liberal government of Victor Paz Estenssoro.

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